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Islanderís Discount
Make a reservation for your friends or family and they'll get a 10% discount on their stay. We think itís the neighborly thing to do. Stop by and take a look at our rooms. Please give us a call first, weíre often out working on the ranch somewhere.


Available June, 2006 New 2 Bedroom unit with Kitchen
Adjacent to our barn is a two bedroom ranch house that makes a great place for a family or group to enjoy the ranch and their privacy. This unit has two bedrooms, living room, full bath, washer/dryer, and a fully stocked kitchen.
Please see our lodging page for rates and availability
March, 2006 -- 87 New baby Chickens!
Early on Monday the post office called and said our baby chickens were in. We turned up the heater in the van and drove into town, sure enough, there was a big box just peeping away.
Our new chicks are just a couple of days old and were shipped in from a hatchery in Minnesota.

We got a few rare breeds, Red Star and Araucanas (they lay green and blue eggs) and a dozen or so of different varieties.Here is one of the Red Stars
new chicks at States Inn and Ranch Bed and Breakfast San Juan Island Lodging
They are doing well, adjusting to their new home eating and drinking and getting to know their way around.
new chicks at States Inn and Ranch Bed and Breakfast San Juan Island Lodging
March, 2006 4 new alpacas join the herd
The nice folks at Honey Lane Farms needed a new home for some of their alpacas, so four alpacas are joining ours to make a herd of 6. Two white, two black, and two light fawn colored. Here you can see them getting to know each other. They had the best time talking and jumping and meeting new friends.

The white alpacas are from a very famous herdsire, "Legacy" that used to live here on the island and is now at Crescent Moon Ranch in Oregon.
We will be having some nice alpaca fiber available in the store this summer.
February, 2006 "I DO I DO" runs through February
Angel Michaels, Innkeeper here at States Inn is starring in the local theater production of this acclaimed Broadway play. "I DO I DO" chronicles 50 years of marriage in story and song. Angel, a singer and voice teacher as well as being an innkeeper plays Agnes in this delightful musical comedy written by the team that did the Fantasticks. We can reserve seats for you for any performance (we recommend the Gala night as part of our valentine's day special, or you can reserve tickets online at San Juan Community Theatre
theater -- States Inn and Ranch Bed and Breakfast San Juan Island Lodginglarger size
January, 2006 First lamb of the year
Richard had a pleasant surprise as he went out to feed the sheep. A little lamb, just a few hours old was tagging along behind her mother. In the picture you can see Tony, a rather muddy Alpaca checking out the little ewe lamb. The baby and mom are doing fine, and we'll have more lambs in April. She is our first black lamb. Isnít she just the cutest?

Here is another one. She has the softest little "bah..bah.."
12/2005 -- Merry Christmas to all
Merry christmas to one and all, and we hope the new year finds everyone healthy and joyous. We will be closed from the 23rd of December through January 2nd.
We are all settled in for the winter, the heat tape is on so the horses can have fresh water all winter. The boarding horses also have a brand new loafing area that will keep their feet dry all winter and help preserve the water quality of our streams and marshes. The chickens are happy with the new organic feed they are getting, and the warmth from the heat lamps keeps the henhouse nice and cozy. Rambo, our loaner ram has been visiting with our ewes for the past couple of months so we will have lovely lambs in the springtime.
11/2005 -- Migratory Birds
Our wetlands and fields look pretty inviting to the swans, geese, eagles, ducks and waterfowl that pass through the islands on their way south. Our guests enjoy sitting out at the edge of the wetlands in the bushes and watching all of the activity.
10/2005 -- Red Trees
This year the maples have been gorgeous. Years ago States Inn & Ranch was a part of Blazing Tree Ranch. They must have named the place in the fall. Makes you want to call the Fire Department and tell them not to worry.
9/2005 -- Blue Chickens
Yes, we now have 10 Blue Chickens - they are Blue Cochins, They have very fluffy feet. We'll have pictures soon.
7/2005 -- New Chicks in the henhouse
21 days ago two our our Brown Sex-Linked hens flock decided they were ready to have little chickens about. So they started setting, and first we had 4, and now we have 7 little chicks. Mothers and babies are in our maternity ward in the henhouse and doing fine. That brings our population up to 54 chickens.
7/2005 -- A great berry season
About two weeks ago the local berries started coming in from Mount Vernon. Angel went off island to Schuh Farms and picked up raspberries right off the field truck. We made jam the next day. As well as raspberry syrup for our scratch sourdough pancakes. You just can't beat fresh berries. Soon we'll get Island berries and they are real special. Then our blackberries will come in and it will be time for cobbler.
7/2005 -- Honey Bees are doing well
The bees are doing well. One colony is much stronger than the older, we're not quite sure why, but they are working hard. The bees have been covered with so much pollen they almost flop down on the landing strip in front of the hive. Should have some good honey for next year.
7/2005 -- Stretch turned two, likes to play in water
Stretch turned two, and we found out he likes to get sprayed with the hose on hot days. He also likes the carrots that the guests feed them.
4/2005 -- Two Honey Bee Colonies now at the Ranch
Safely away from the Inn we have two new beehives, each with a new colony of honey bees. They are busy as bees decorating their new homes with honeycomb, finding their way around, and helping the queens get down to business making more bees. It takes lots of bees and lots of flowers to make enough honey to share with our guests, but this fall and next summer guests will be able to enjoy our honey on top of fresh biscuits and scones.
4/2005 -- Stretch, Tony and the Sheep get sheared
Stretch, the newest Alpaca at the ranch turned 18 months old in January. He is getting along fine with Tony, the other Alpaca. They've been spending time with the sheep while their pasture recovers from all the chomping. We sheared in April, and have Alpaca fleece and Suffolk wool available. We'd have pictures but we're too busy to take íem!
3/2005 Eggs for sale, new Chickens home to roost
Our friends at crated up new layers for us for the spring season. These organically raised chickens are now supplying lots of eggs for the store and soon for our guests. We feed them organic laying feed, fresh table scraps and let them free range near the barn. They come in at night to avoid the foxes, raccoons and other critters that think chickens are tasty. Eggs are $3.50 per dozen, self-service in the fridge in the office. Thanks for supporting your local farmers.
2/2005 Spring seems early this year
Spring certainly seems early this year. The pussy willows are out, the days are getting longer, and the flowers and shrubs are thinking hard about blooming. The animals are happy because longer days means more food value in the pasture, so their tummies are happy. It also means good news as as local suppliers are getting ready to provide produce, and the chickens are revving up their egg production, so that is good news for guests too!
1/2005 Stretch turns 18 months old
Stretch, the newest Alpaca at the ranch turned 18 months old in January. He is getting along fine with Tony, the other alpaca. With his beautiful dark wool and dark eyes he is a handsome fellah. Be sure and ask to feed him when you come to stay. He likes people.